Tom & Tracy Byrnes

The mortgage industry is probably flooded with more misinformation than any other. How many credit cards are too many? Should I pay off my cards and close the accounts? How will owning my own business impact my mortgage rate? Does the property I want qualify for a VA loan or an FHA loan; conventional financing, a USDA loan or something in-between?

We pride ourselves on being straightforward and easy to understand. Signature Home Funding has achieved its recognition by advising home buyers of appropriate alternatives.

Tracy’s role is to educate individuals and the community by providing the guidance they require. She sees it as her company’s goal “to get them there” – whether the mortgage loan approval is present day or in the foreseeable future. The time needs to be right, the circumstances right and the rates right.

How Do We Get it Done?

As mortgage specialists and loan originators we are licensed and approved with the top banks. Even more importantly, we have the working knowledge of each of their credit overlays. Lenders don’t always make it easy – every one of them has different processes and requirements – but because of our experience and familiarity, we know what each is looking for – giving them what they want is all they ask! And fortunately, that’s our specialty!

We Do the Leg Work

We’ll research and locate the loan and the lender that satisfies your goals. It is the right lender that is the key; we’ll select the one that benefits you the most and suits the term of your goals.

Working with Industry Resources

Our reputation as professionals who understand what other industry professionals need facilitates the process. We maintain that all important communication with the agents involved in the transaction, the underwriters and the closing coordinators to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate their requirements to keep your transaction rolling and on track!

Customer Service

We’re available 7 days a week. We’re also accessible to anyone involved in your transaction to handle issues before they roll into the next business day and become a problem.

  • We give our clients every advantage of maximizing the transaction timetable
  • We are part of a team working in concert with your Realtor – we represent you
  • We’re on your side

Defer to the Experts

If your application for mortgage doesn’t allow for approval at a given time, then we’ll refer you to professionals we trust. Bad credit doesn’t make bad people – sometimes you just need the right resource whether it’s for:

  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Relief
  • Credit Counseling
  • Bankruptcy Attorney

Every situation is unique and every home buyer has their own history.  We tailor our services to suit your distinctive requirements.