Rule number one in real estate: know your market.

If you are selling…know the value of your property’s amenities and what buyers are seeking at various price points.

If you’re a buyer…understand that price is not always the best indicator of a great deal.

And if you’re a Realtor…it’s no longer enough to just have access to the Multiple Listing Service to view properties and print reports. Today’s industry demands a command of every specialization.

These are the principles under which we operate. If you can envision your success, we will figure out how to get you there.


Tom Byrnes

Tom moved to Florida in 1981. From selling investment properties to marketing listings to international buyers, The Tom Byrnes is an expert in all sectors of the interdependencies of Florida’s residential real estate market.

  • Marketing Real Estate for Sale Domestically and Internationally
  • Luxury, Waterfront, Investment Homes
  • Vacation Properties
  • Beachfront Estates
  • Retirement Homes
  • Assessing the Value of Investment Properties and their Profit Margins
  • Coordinating Out-of-State Buyers
  • Repair Estimations vs. Home Value
  • Expertise in Foreclosures and Short Sales
  • Financing for Conventional, FHA and VA Mortgages
  • Referral Source for Credit Problem Resolution

Time is Precious – Set Expectations

Conducting a professional consultation is step one, but giving my clients the straight story trumps everything. From financing opportunities to sale and purchase prices, we set genuine expectations. We have fun, we make it happen and we always have a plan!

  • What listing price will a particular neighborhood or subdivision tolerate based on its current condition?
  • What can we do as far as preemptive repairs and/or staging to highlight a home’s features?
  • What is the realistic range for an initial offer based on the history of the neighborhood?
  • What kind of negotiations list can we prepare in advance for our counteroffer?
  • What tactical marketing approach we will take to stand out from the competition in our price range?
  • What’s our overall strategy for buying or selling this house in the timeframe that we need it to be bought or sold?
  • How much house can we really get for the money we have to spend?

Protect Yourself with a Buyers’ Specialist

It costs a buyer nothing to have this representation; we strongly recommend you take advantage. It’s a tough market to go alone. The most challenging part of the home purchase process isn’t finding the property – it’s getting to the closing table. That’s why we:

  • Make sure you are protected contractually
  • Negotiate in your best interests
  • Ensure that the legally binding dates give you enough room to have your inspections and loan underwriting completed
  • Keep you compliant with the ever-changing legal statutes impacting mortgages
  • Re-negotiate after the home inspection
  • Guarantee you meet every date so you are neither in violation nor in danger of losing your deposit

Regardless of fluctuations in the marketplace or changes in interest rates, the constant you can count on is a team that can be trusted and that puts your needs at the front of every line.

This is the service and the knowledge that will ultimately introduce you to your new front door.